May 30, 2013

ISRA's Pearson: Dead Anti-Gun Activists are in Hell

I'm not really quite sure what to make of this snafu. In an address titled 5/30/2013, Richard Pearson highlighted that an amendment #5 was coming to HB183 as a compromise between Cullerton and Phelps. The ISRA, to me over the years has not seemed religiously belligerent. We're going to walk a very fine line in this post as it does indeed have to do with religion.

He said that he hopes "anti gunners are looking up" after stating "I hope the pro-gunners are looking down on us". That implies, from my 19 years of former Christian experience that Richard Pearson believes those individuals are in hell. This is not the image we want people to see when they look at gun owners.

Sure there are a bunch of ignorant, stupid people out there that will latch onto any media sensation baited out there. But his comment, implying that anti-gunners are in hell (and go to hell) was borderline uncalled for. I say borderline because I don't care anymore. I have seen so much stupid shit from both religious zealots and anti-gunners that when I see bullshit flying; I just don't care anymore. I don't get involved.

When we wade through any kind of politics, that is some deep shit. Unfortunately, gun ownership comes with that unwanted stigma of being a dirty, evil person who doesn't "need" a gun. Constantly, gun owners have to fight their own government to keep them out of the individual's life. When you inject religion into this already 2 foot deep dung fest, you turn it into a cauldron of 'everlasting, shit-tastic stupor'.

Rule one is to avoid politics. Rule two is to avoid religion. For fucks sake, don't make me create "rule three" by saying don't mix the fucking two. Bleach and ammonia baby- when you mix the crap and put a short fuse on it- the consequences will be devastating.

I am not PC. Richard Pearson owes some people an apology. He makes ISRA members look like religious bigots, and that is not the type of organization I want to be behind when the leader makes those statements. When you defend gun rights as a libertarian, you have very few liberals with you, a couple of fellow libbyans, a ton of conservative pubbies and a few religious zealots. It takes a low information voter with half a fucking brain missing to put the two together and assume we are all religious zealots.

Whether you believe in hell or not, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that it exists. Wishing (even inadvertently) everlasting torture on your opponents is gonna piss a lot of people off, and convince a lot of fence sitters that gun owners are a bunch of irresponsible, asshatish, religious zealot of a jerk.

/rant over

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