May 16, 2013

Illinois Committee Defies The People to Push Kwame's Bad Carry Bill

In Illinois the public is allowed to put in input on legislation in committees. Sometimes, the speaker of the house will disallow this (as he has been granted too much power- a topic for another day). Senator Kwame, who claims his carry bill is a "compromise" (it isn't) wrote a 200 page amendment to an unrelated bill dealing with gun control and what amounts to no carry- something that violates the spirit of the 7th circuit's ruling.

Time and time again, the Illinois General Assembly has shown that they do not care about what the people had to say. Kwame's bill called for dozens of hours of training, hundreds of dollars in fees, no carry in restaurants, no carry on public transportation, no carry in parks, no carry within x feet of a sensitive building, and no allowance to ingress/egress through that zone.

Of most controversy is a measure that states "one must have a particularized 'need'" for a gun. So if one goes to apply for a pistol permit and says "I have a right to, as described by the 2nd amendment" they will be flat out denied. To carry in Chicago, you need a special tax stamp and endorsement put onto your carry permit by Gary McCarthy. McCarthy has already stated that the 2nd amendment does not mean you can carry or keep a gun- it means you can keep and carry 'muskets'.

97% of witness slips filed were in opposition to Kwame's legislation. Despite this overwhelming opposition, the committee chose to ignore it and approved the amendment for floor vote in the Senate.

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