May 17, 2013

How Chicago Plays Dirty; and How They Will Continue to Play Dirty

Throughout this conceal carry mess in Illinois it has been Chicago that has been in control of the state since the 1960s. The Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan- has been there ever since.

He essentially gets to make up the rules. He can break them. He can do whatever he wants, when he wants with any bill in any committee. He is from the Chicago machine. He can pressure legislators into voting his way or face getting removed from office.

Chicago has sent agents on the floor during a vote in order to discourage legislators to vote. They have also repeatedly ignored witness slips and any public input on the matter. When they talked about a "fair and compromised" bill, they took no input whatsoever from the NRA or pro-gun groups. For years, the city of Chicago has refused to cooperate with pro-gun rights groups.

Chicago sends agents to the floor to assist lawmakers when discussing bills. Often, as in the case of Cassidy, a pawn of Chicago, she didn't even know what was in her own bill. This week Chicago attempted to pull the Nancy Pelosi card by saying "please vote for us. You need to vote yes to see what is in it". The 200 page bill leaked to us, and that is how we know the contents of it.

Madigan held strong arm voting sessions by allowing 3 dozen amendments to be added to a bill for test votes. He did this to find out who defied him, and who to campaign against when the seats are up. Madigan, Quinn and Emanuel are the unholy three in this game- and make sure the Chicago machine gets its way- no carry.

Cook County has snubbed its nose at the federal government, citing that the ruling does not apply to them. [It does since the state is listed in the defense, and Cook County is part of the state]. They claimed that they would continue to arrest people past the 7th circuit's erasing of the unlawful use of a weapon statute.

They have snubbed their nose at the Constitution as well; claiming that it is not the job of the legislature or police to enforce or determine whether the laws are constitutional or not. In the past few years, many politicians in Chicago have gone down on federal charges for corruption, gifts and misuse of campaign funds.

To put the icing on the cake, Chicago is now bringing in Sandy Hook families during the hearings for a gun ban and magazine ban. They are exploiting a national tragedy in order to further their agenda. Like Mayor Rahm Emanuel said:

"Never let a tragedy go to waste".

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