May 22, 2013

Chicago's Drug Problem Exacerbated by the Federal Government

Chicago already has a rich history of gang violence, strict gun control and a drug problem. There was a 48 hours special on this evening, which I missed, that claimed the DEA wants to militarize the police in Cook County in order to fight the drug dealers and drug runners. Let's back up for a second.

The heroin problem in Chicago is coming from drug runners. These "runners" are coming up through Mexico and are delivering the drug to the city. Yet, Barack Obama, who is from Chicago and is in charge of the ATF from the top, decided it would be a fantastic idea to purposely sell rifles to straw purchasers working for the mexican drug cartels. Included in the deal were fully automatic rifles.

One of those rifles was used to kill a US border agent. The rifles quickly made their way to Mexico, and Op F&F failed, horribly. So who has given drug runners an easier time defending their product? sounds like the US government to me. The US Government "promises to help make Mexico safer", yet they are clearly arming drug cartels and letting them go.

All while this is going on, the people of Illinois are forbidden from carrying firearms in public for their defense.

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