May 10, 2013

Chicago Seeking Magazine Ban and Confiscation

It's come to my attention through the NRA that Chicago is attempting to pass a magazine ban in the state Senate. The bill is sponsored by Antonio Munoz, probably the biggest anti-gunner in the Senate that I know of.

The bill calls for a ban on any magazine over the capacity of 10 rounds and for the immediate confiscation of any magazines over that limit. It is a violation of the 2nd amendment to undermine the right to keep and bear arms by making a citizen's gun less effective.

They've tried this shit before, and it's gotten nowhere. This is the letter I wrote, politely, to my representative. He is probably more pro-gun than I am.



Hi *********- this one is specifically for you. I would send it over to Rep ************ but I don't think this bill will see the light of day. I have been informed from the NRA that SB1002 adds an amendment making it a felony to possess a magazine over 10 rounds. I was also told that confiscation would be mandatory if this bill passes. I've got the serious reply to Sen. Munoz, then the sarcastic one. The serious:

1) How do you plan to enforce confiscation?
2) Is there due process involved?
3) Has the constitutionality of this confiscation been visited?
4) Where is the funding going to come from in our bankrupt state?
5) What percentage of confiscators do you believe will get shot? (that is a SERIOUS question)
6) Do you honesty believe I would surrender my rights to Chicago?
7) What recompense will be offered?

Ok. the last two were sarcastic. I don't understand *********, why anti-gun legislators have the need to punish me, the law abiding citizen for the grave misconduct of a lunatic. I am the kind of citizen that would have attempted to STOP a mass shooter (can't in Illinois, obviously) if I was in the right place at the right time. All I ask is for the recognition to protect myself and those in my company from crazies and criminals without being thrown into prison and being called a "criminal" for being American. It's... unfathomable.

I cannot fathom the un-American sentiments coming from Chicago. It boggles my mind. It's why I have to leave this state- it [Illinois] has lost the very thing all Americans should hold dear- Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness and unalienable rights which existed upon birth, regardless of where you think they originated. Munoz seeks to undermine my right. He can try, but I will not comply with this law if enacted.

I urge you to vote NO.


As stated, I will not comply with any unconstitutional law if enacted. Should Munoz want to confiscate my magazine magazines, I will file 1983 civil lawsuits against him and the arresting officers.

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