April 14, 2013

Today's Legislative Update On the Situation In Illinois: Chicago Alone In Its Fight

Groups like these, and the Stop Conceal Carry Coalition argue that more guns on the streets will cause more violence. States like Florida have proven this statement incorrect, as conceal carry has had an impact on the crime rate in that state.

I am glad the NRA-ILA has decided to update us on what exactly has been going on.

This week, mayor Rahm Emanuel began calling in personal favors and making phone calls to legislators to get them to pass more gun control. The price tag of this gun control was US $1 billion ($1,000,000,000). Critically, Patrick Quinn (the governor) broke rank and called the measure "going too far" in the context of paying for it.

This week 4/7 to 4/13 was spent killing HB2265. This would have made getting caught with a unlawful use of a weapon charge a minimum 3 year sentence. Chicago threatened to arrest anyone in Cook County after June 9th (constitutional carry), citing that they would create an ordinance demanding no-carry in the county and city. In a sense, they would adopt the law just found unconstitutional TWICE (once by a federal court, again by a Cook County judge).

According to what I am reading, since the 180 day timer started after the 7th circuit's ruling, Chicago has been absolutely 100% uncooperative in drafting a conceal carry law PERIOD. The problem is not that they don't want to craft a constitutional conceal carry law- they don't want to draft one PERIOD.

The NRA has indicated (as well as Alan Gura, head lawyer against Madigan) that they WILL file injunctions against the state if they choose not to comply with the federal ruling. This has multiple ramifications for the state and especially for the Madigan family.

Lisa Madigan, the defendant being sued (state attorney) is eyeing to run for governor. If she does not comply with the federal ruling, the injunctions will drag her in front of a panel of judges and they will levy fines, punishments and heavy ridicule against the state that will make the news, let alone national news... At the same time, Madigan is iffy about appealing to the Supreme Court because of tactical decisions to make against Quinn for 2014's governor race. It is purely a question of politics for Madigan. She has lied and said the decisions are about ethics. She is full of herself.

It is rumored that the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg are contacting Madigan and telling her not to appeal. Should she appeal, and the US Supreme Court agree with the 7th circuit's ruling, nationwide may-issue may cease to exist. States like New York, California and Maryland would be in trouble. This rumor cannot be confirmed.

Todd Vyandermyde of the NRA-ILA has stated that Emanuel is acting like a petulant child demanding he get things his way. There are three major forces working against Emanuel: general assembly Republicans, downstate Democrats, Quinn, AND the "black caucus" of Chicago. None of them like HB2665, calling for stiffer penalties for unlawful use of a weapon charges. Chicago lied to downstate Democrats, saying that the NRA supported their bill HB2665. The NRA immediately pulled the wool off of their heads and said "NO".

Should that law have been passed, anyone caught carrying with constitutional carry after June 9, 2013 would be sentenced to three years in prison, MINIMUM. Among other snippets in the bill, it would have cost the state USD $1 BILLION. A Cook County judge found that the current law is unconstitutional and violated a defendant's 8th amendment rights (cruel and unusual punishment), citing that the penalties inflicted were dispropotionate in his individual case.

Chicago is in huge trouble- they cannot find the votes for home-rule and they can't find the votes to pass ANY gun control legislation. In response, Chicago has gone to the Senate to try and sneak through more legislation with the same exact language as HB2665. This bill is known as SB1003.

Chicago demands no-carry. At the minimum, they demand that they keep their own rules for carry with no-preemption. No preemption means that they do not have to comply with other towns/state laws regarding carry, and that the city can remain separate in it's laws.

"Yeah right", Vyandermyde said. He then said that the anti-gun rally brought at most a "few hundred" people. The pro-conceal carry rally drew about 8,000 - 9,000 people on a weekday whom marched in Springfield.

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