April 2, 2013

NSS Calls for a Change in Nationwide School Security

The NSS, or the "National School Shield" security task force today has released their recommendations on how we can better protect our munchkins in our nation's schools. Their ideas, independent of NRA input:


1) Restore grant funding and utilize fundraisers and other means to fund the program. They did not mention a tax hike, which I am fine with paying for if it is for our children's security.

2) Created a screening tool online to help school districts assess vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

3) Suggest a task force be created within the local boards to create their own custom security program, which should consist of layers.

4) Call for the government to require minimum security standards and find funding for school security.

5) Hire school resource officers (armed guards; police) to mentor, counsel, teach and perform security details

6) Fund a non-profit organization to gather together all safety procedures and make them readily available as the source for school security and to minimize government overlap (the NSS volunteers for this role).

7) Each district should assess the sensitivity of their unique situation in allowing STRICTLY TRAINED SCHOOL PERSONNEL to conceal carry firearms in the building, and to develop a standard at the national level on procedures and policies as to how weapons can be handled, where handled, and by whom.


I fully endorse the recommendations of the NSS, and I will make a donation when possible, and when the address is available for donation. The report can be read here. Regardless of your political lean, I urge to you call your elected representatives and tell them to find the god damn money to protect our kids.

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