April 23, 2013

Did the NRA Lie?

I've been struggling with a thought lately that the NRA lied in a statement about S.649. Let's read exactly what they had to say:

"Today, the misguided Manchin-Toomey-Schumer proposal failed in the U.S. Senate. This amendment would have criminalized certain private transfers of firearms between honest citizens, requiring lifelong friends, neighbors and some family members to get federal government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution."

Despite the comment being said after the fact, it was pushed by the NRA that S.649 would create backdoor registration in order to enforce UBCs. The Department of Justice indicated to Obama that registration would need to be created in order for UBCs to be enforced.

This part of the argument is true.

S.649 was a heap of crap for many reasons. It required a background check be conducted on private sales of firearms
1) at a trade show
2) over the internet.

The original intent of the bill was to stop criminals from buying guns at gun shows. However- according to DOJ statistics: around 1-2% of guns used in gun crimes are purchased at a gun show, and not much more over the internet. The vast majority of guns are either stolen or borrowed/purchased from the black market.

BUT, I do remember La Pierre or someone saying that this would require you to pay a fee or get big brother's permission to transfer your guns down the line. At what point these comments were made? I cannot remember. I also do not know if the trade show/internet targets were in the bill from the beginning or were added at the end.

If we are looking directly at what the NRA-ILA said (Christopher Cox), his comment was off the mark, but carefully crafted to be a half-truth and not a lie. The words "certain transfers" was used. As a lawyer, I am sure Cox is careful with his wording. However, with the vast stupidity of the general public I am sure most people would take what he said the wrong way. I believe it was misguided. He did not omit anything or change information; but his commentary in that regard was misguided.

I support the NRA because they are fighting to protect my rights. In no way do I accept spoon fed information from perceived demagogues. What I am trying to say is this- Wayne LaPierre can say whatever he wants in passionate speeches- I am an American who thinks for himself and comes to his own conclusions.

The debate on guns in America has become saturated in poison and vitrol. It comes mainly from two sources- extreme right wing folks and extreme left wing folks (hardcore liberals). It is an undeniable fact that mainstream media such as CNN, CBS, MSNBC, even FOX have some sort of bias towards a political party- and they don't try to hide this fact. Every day it becomes much, much harder to find reliable information to make a judgement on. Even worse is that we have people with rose-colored glasses opting not to think, but to believe the politician they voted for and everything he says.

This is why hard, critical thinking is absolutely necessary to making an informed decision, and why logic and reason need to be implemented in order to provide a fair and as unbiased of a conclusion as possible; especially in an ever increasing world of half truths, outright lies and hidden agendas in messages or pretenses.

My conclusions don't always agree with the NRA. However, you can be damn assured they agree with the Constitution.

Did the NRA lie like Obama said? No. Possibilities could have been opened to registration (despite the bill making it illegal, it can always be changed and omitted in the language later and registration kicks in) yes, however- Cox's statement was misguided.

As for the NRA actually lying not through Cox? I don't remember them pushing the "they are banning all private sales" parade, but I do remember them pushing the "they are attacking our rights" parade. Which is essentially true- it infringes on my right to keep and bear arms by undermining the 2nd Amendment at gun shows and over the internet. It's a soft attack on the 2nd, but an attack is an attack.

When the NRA said anti-gunners are running rampant in Washington and the White House, they were not kidding. That part is not a lie- the part about media and political elites trying to "say it how they want it to be" are not lies.

Want to make the USA safer? Allow conceal carry in schools by strictly trained personnel, ACTUALLY CONVICT FEDERAL GUN CRIMES, toughen penalties for gang bangers and criminals, and maybe... just maybe leave the law abiding citizen alone.

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