March 30, 2013

My Response to "End the Violence"

This is the biggest all out attack on the 2nd Amendment in United States history.

In response to the president's call to "end gun violence" (he is forgetting knife, car and fork violence), Joe Biden's remark to shoot a shotgun through the door or "up in the air", Michael Bloomberg's " we (gov't) have the right to suspend the Bill of Rights", and Rahm Emanuel's comment "never let a good tragedy go to waste", I wanted to make clear my positions as an average joe living in the middle of America. I say average because I am an independent moderate, 51/49 liberal/conservative who may represent a wide segment of American convictions.

Since the attack, my views have changed and fallen in line with the NRA.


1) The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution means what it says. I can keep and bear an arm with loose restrictions without registration, universal background checks (backdoor registration, impediments), waiting periods or permitting fees. I will allow an affordable permitting system despite its unconstitutionality if it aids local law enforcement in verifying I have a 2nd amendment right. This still means I can't carry to sports stadiums, schools or places of government. If I majorly BEEP up and abuse my right, by all means take it away. I am not going to be murdering anyone during my lifetime.

2) An "assault weapons" ban is a violation of my Constitutional rights. It takes away my ability to keep and bear a particular arm that is in common use, and goes against multiple supreme court rulings.

3) A magazine ban violates my 2nd Amendment rights by undermining my right to keep and carry adequate protection and adequate force to oust your butts should you become dictators and start an oligarchy/monarchy.

4) In almost 100% of cases, gun registration has lead to confiscation. When registering didn't stop the criminals, and you knew it wouldn't, the next thing is to begin confiscating from the citizenry. Take all the guns- force the people to put up with everything you do. Make bread $20 a loaf? Hey we got all the guns! You people must obey. My rear end. Gun registration is an impediment to my rights.

5) The 2nd Amendment was not created for hunters. It was made so that I, a citizen of abled body men in the militia, can overthrow your butts when you decide to screw constitutional republics and go with monarchy. See point #3.

6) Gun Free Zones are Slaughter Zones. They protect no one. They give criminals the go ahead that no one inside the GFZ is armed; thus they can perform their mayhem without resistance. You can afford to put armed security around NFL stars, but not our children? Which leads to #7...


8) I have the right to a fully automatic weapon. No I don't intend to misuse it, that's playing the thought police. It is a firearm, and I have a right to own it. Full auto fire is not accurate, but 3 round burst can be. What keeps me from firing mags upon mags of the stuff? .223 is expensive and hurts the wallet. Hard.

9) Attorney Generals throughout the country aren't prosecuting federal gun crimes. Why? because they say they cannot enforce the law, don't want to enforce the law (against illegal immigrants) or they don't have adequate resources to enforce the law, when this is needed most to put criminals behind bars with stiffer penalties.

10) I am all for expanding school security by having at least one officer per school (armed), or allowing an unidentified(s) employee to be vigorously checked and allowed to conceal carry. We [the gov't] have the money to fight lengthy litigation and violate the Constitution, but not enough to protect children in our schools. Disgusting. When I was in school, from middle school to college, there was always a police presence. We felt safe.

11) Report mental adjuncateds to NICS so that they can't buy firearms. Period.

12) A grenade, rocket launcher or any other explosive device are not firearms. They are not protected under the 2nd Amendment.

13) People have the right to not be accidentally shot. I support training requirements for permit carry.

14) No universal background checks. See this post on why UBCs may seem good on the surface, but are horrible pieces of legislation that violate.

15) MAIG, also affectionately known as "Mayors Against Guns" knows absolutely nothing about gun safety. Their advertisements feature a man with the finger on the trigger pointing in an unsafe direction. For all gun safety inquiries, refer to your local knowledgeable gun store, gun lobbyist, or the NRA.

16) Don't blame the tool, blame the user with the bad intentioned brain. More fists, knives, automobiles and forks combined (even independently) have killed more people than firearms. semi-automatic weapons account for around 3% of murders annually, and that includes a bundle with shotguns and all other non-handguns.

17) If I am banned from drinking one 32oz big gulp, I'll buy two 16 ounce gulps. These kinds of laws are seriously getting ridiculous and arbitrary.

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