February 10, 2013

Rahm Emanuel's Corruption and Anti-Constitution Agenda Costing Taxpayer Money

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel insists on pushing his own legislation rather than letting the legislature do its job. He accomplishes this by taking his cases to court. Since his inauguration into office, Mr. Emanuel has been very anti-gun and has vowed to remove all guns not in the hands of law enforcement officers from the streets.

This includes taking away the rights of law abiding citizens and their firearms. He attempted so, and has continually lost in court. Taxpayer money is being wasted (from the standpoint of the government) in fighting court cases the city knows they cannot win because the measures are a vision of their utopia. They stubbornly refuse to accept any other reality.

This utopian vision does not fit the realm of capitalism or the frame of our country as written by the United States Constitution.

For Second Amendment Rights Activists, the costs cover damages and losses suffered in court fighting the unconstitutional. This is where the tax money the city wastes is funneled: and instead Cook County is running into the deep red with a bankrupt city run by criminal politicians who insist on controlling you and your independence.

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